Styling / Art Direction

I’m often walking down Bond Street peering into windows for ideas and one spring morning I saw a dress so fantastical and OTT that I had to investigate.  Pierpaolo Piccioli of Valentino fame had created a collection for Moncler the outerwear fashion brand and I was transfixed by his combination of Nylon Jaque and evening wear which manifested into a hooded dress of gargantuan proportions.

My biggest problem was getting it to London from Italy as there was only one in the world and even the PR’s weren’t sure whether we could pin it down.  I decided to add it as an extra shot on the back of our main fashion shoot so if it didn’t turn up we hadn’t wasted an entire day and budget for a full crew.  My fashion stylist on that shoot, Lewis Munro was super stressed as we chased it through DHL’s myriad customer services departments online and over the phone while trying to shoot eight other looks.

Finally at 6pm when we’d given up hope I had a call that an enormous box was being dragged into the lift by a delivery man.  It had arrived with 30 minutes to go and we shot it with the model swirling around in glittery Pat McGrath eye shadow.  My nerves were in pieces by the time we broke down the set and that, my friends represents a typical day on set shooting editorial.

Fashion 1 Moncler PierpaoloPiccioli, POA. Dress in Nylon Jaque,

Creative Team Art Director: Melanie Grant, Stylist: Lewis Munro, Photographer: Theresa Marx, Hair: Chris Kurtz, Makeup: Marie Bruce, Set: Amy Friend, Model: Indrie Aleksiuk at, Assistants: Justyna Kitt, Helena Zarkina.

Photographed for 1843 Magazine at The Economist in March 2020.



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