Styling / Art Direction

We rarely shoot silverware, probably because it has a reputation for being a little bit fusty and old fashioned but there are some very modern designers like Georg Jensen who’s minimalism takes the theme to a whole new level.  A cocktail party complete with crazy straw, ice tongs and hip flask for those who intend to keep the party going was the idea behind this shoot.

Baker & Evans have a lovely aesthetic which is cool and edgy and bewitched me with this shoot using reflections as an illusion.  Still life photography really is an art form in the right hands and I’m always amazed at the precision and painstaking patience of the creative teams I work with.  A centimetre here, an millimetre there and the shot is transformed.

Accessories Sterling-silver pitcher 1052, designed by Henning Koppel, 1956, Georg Jensen, £25,000.

Small 3oz pewter pocket flask, James Purdey & Sons, £55.

Sterling-silver champagne flute, Theo Fennell, £1,750

Everyday Objects sterling-silver crazy straw, Tiffany, £235

Sterling-silver ice tongs, Christopher Jenner at Thomas Goode, £550

Creative Team Stylist: Melanie Grant, Photographers: Baker & Evans.

Photographed for 1843 Magazine at The Economist in June 2018.


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