Art Direction

Raffia used to be the kind of thing you’d weave at the back of the classroom if you were ‘special’ but not anymore!  Now it’s a luxury material used in all kinds of ways, especially for shoes and bags and it’s having a summery moment.  Not much beats a wild raffia fringe but this Le petit Baci by Jacqemus serves another trend for miniature bags which is both impractical and comedy.  What’s not to love?!

We began planning this shoot as the world withdrew into lockdown in March 2020.  Not to be put off, our intrepid photographer David Newton skulked in the bushes of a central London park looking for suitable foliage as nearly everyone else was hiding at home.  In the end we delved into David’s surprisingly varied props cupboard and fished out all the branches we needed and our summer time, sky blue, glorious vibe was born.

Bag Le petit Baci, Jacqemus £330

Creative Team Art Director: Melanie Grant, Photographer: David Newton, Stylist: Lewis Munro.

Photographed for 1843 Magazine at The Economist in March 2020.




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