Shooting a jewellery supplement each year at The Economist is not without its challenges.  A handful of top drawer magazines lust after the same unique, pioneering jewels we see at Couture Paris and in the studios of the foremost jewellery artists so getting ones hands on the right pieces can be a little nerve wrecking.

I went into Bulgari to choose a selection of diamond encrusted Serpenti’s for the cover of our special and then I asked fashion supremo Desiree Mattsson to shoot them which she did beautifully on a model but as the shoot was drawing to a close in walked Zeus and everyone lost it literally as he regally waited for his owner.

Even hardened security guards bent down to have a cuddle and suddenly Zeus was bedecked in diamonds and posing nonchalantly for the camera.  No hair and makeup could have made him more glam and I was impressed by his quizzical good humour.  Sadly, the supplement along with our print edition bit the dust as Covid claimed it’s casualties but I’ll always remember Zeus, under the spotlight giving us his best side.

Jewellery Bulgari Serpenti necklace and Cartier Panther earring.

Creative Team Stylist: Melanie Grant, Photographer: Desiree Mattson, Post Production: Ruben Kristiansen.

Photographed for 1843 magazine at The Economist in January 2021.


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