I’ve always enjoyed shooting both menswear and womenswear and on this shoot in New York I needed a few discreet but sophisticated watches to set off the granite colour palette and to contrast the wool of the jackets and coats we were interested in.  It was freezing and we had to be fast, asking the guards to deliver straight to the shoot as we moved around the city.

While the watches are more of a canvas for the fashion in this shoot, I really enjoyed calling them in as New York has some excellent watch stores to choose from.  I have to say, Bovet are always a favourite….

Watches 19 Thirty Dimier stainless-steel watch, Bovet, £16,800

Fleurier toric chronometre with red-gold case, Parmigiani, £14,800

Creative Team Watch Stylist: Melanie Grant, Fashion: Lee Holden, Photographer: Christopher Ferguson, Grooming: Matthew Tuozzoli, Model: Chris Brown at Ford Models, Assistant: Kevin Huner.

Photographed for 1843 Magazine at The Economist in October 2017.



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