Peacocking is back. Traditionally that meant a certain kind of metrosexual man in tight trousers with impossibly groomed eyebrows who was hot and who knew it.  In these new days of gender fluidity however it can be anyone who has emerged from the shroud that is Covid blinking into the light with a social calendar packed full of weddings, dinner dates, weekends away and garden parties.  We’re back people and as my friend Lisa recently exclaimed in horror, “I have three weddings this summer and I need new jewellery NOW.”

When working from home every day was like Groundhog Day with a husband who was once a ship that passed in the night now fighting you for a Zoom slot in the spare bedroom. When several children who used to be sweet were mocking you daily for your lack of algebra know-how and going for a walk in the local park was the the most exciting part of your day, then true fabulousness seemed like a distant hope far into the future where serious jewellery could be purchased with somewhere wonderful to wear it.

That time is now at hand.  Weddings that were pencil are now pen, exotic holidays are being booked with gusto and offices are beckoning us back seductively.  It’s time to channel all that jewellery fantasy into action and to be the bedecked woman you were meant to be.  Let the power of jewellery wash over you and give that dopamine high a chance to kick in with my exquisitely crafted curation of the finest re-entry jewels.


Wedding Warrior Queen

Pearls, pearls, pearls.  From Coco Chanel who wore layer upon layer to Josephine Baker who posed nude with a strategically placed string of them, nothing says elegance like the pearl.  Mateo’s tactile baroque pearl earrings give good wedding.  As do Sophie Bile Brahe’s Botticelli Rose cluster earrings.  For Tahitian pearl lovers, Pomellato’s Sabbia earrings are sublime and The Charms company have hoops strewn with them coquettishly called ‘Pearls of Joy’. If you’re making a statement Yvonne Leon’s sea shells with pearl tips are for you but the pearly queen of the chandelier drop Nadia Morgenthaler has to be considered for her contrasting blackened recycled gold.


Bringing Sexy Back

Justin Timberlake sang about it and now we’re bringing sexy back with big gold jewellery on bare summer skin.  Think date night with bells on (golden bells) and you’re halfway there.  My go-to ring has to be Boucheron’s Quatre Radiant in Large because really, is there any other size? Ole Lynggaard does a nice line in snake cuffs and bangles you can stack up on a long hot night.  Buccellati’s cascading Hawaii hoop earrings go very nicely with a plunging neckline and their Opera Tulle studs are sexy with restraint.  For the less-is-more crew there is also Chopard’s Ice Cube ring which is simple yet elegant but if you’re on one of those kooky dates with a man you just met on the internet then Lito’s green eyed enamel eye earrings could be a conversation starter.


The Red Hot Weekend

The romantic rendezvous is almost a thing of myth and legend now so resurrecting it must be done with consideration and care.  The passion filled ruby should clearly be top of one’s list when illicit encounters are being planned and Bina Goenka’s one-of-a kind floral masterpieces are an obvious choice.  Martin Katz has a pair of juicy rubellite drops that make the mouth water, framed in white diamonds but if red stones don’t tickle your fancy try the deep greens of Fernando Jorge’s emerald or David Yurman’s Stax ring.  Passion is, after all everything.


Garden Parties Galore

Finally, champagne on the veranda at the garden party of your choice wouldn’t be complete without a floaty dress and lashings of princess-style white diamonds. Garrard springs to mind with the Beatrice, a tiara with curves in all the right places.  To go with that, twist a David Morris white diamond bangle around your wrist and slip on Garrard’s Wing’s Embrace ring.  People may stare at this point, but keep going.  Yeprem have a lovely set of scintillating diamond earrings if you’re really going for it or Piaget’s Possession earrings curl around the lobes with bite but in a smaller size.  Either way, adding Lorraine Schwartz’s smiley bracelet encrusted with diamonds will remind everyone that you came to party.

Now that everyone is re-emerging, diaries are filling up and pinning friends or family into a window of note is becoming increasingly difficult as I found to my cost when I went to New York recently and messaged Lisa on the off-chance of dinner.  “When?” She asked suspiciously. In Finance, her schedule puts even mine to shame.  “March the 17th” I said hopefully.  “This year?!” She snorted and with that I realised, we really are back.


Written by Melanie Grant for Porter Magazine in May 2022.



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