Art Direction

The trade in vintage clothing suddenly exploded in 2018, out-stripping fast fashion and a new trend was born.  Depop, a fashion marketplace app was well positioned to entice young shoppers who were looking for unusual but quirky second hand clothes and we found an influencer called Bella McFadden in New York who took us shopping to demonstrate how to throw a look together from stores like Unique seen here.

Flora Hanitijo, a long time collaborator in New York shot the story in her signature lifestyle reportage way, capturing the concentration and mood as she always does so perfectly.  Some shoots kind of art direct themselves and even though I won’t be wearing a mini kilt anytime soon, I could see the wastefulness of buying new being seriously challenged by the next generation.

Creative Team Art Director: Melanie Grant, Photographer: Flora Hanitijo.

Photographed for 1843 Magazine at The Economist in February 2018.




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