Styling / Art Direction

I first saw this necklace in Switzerland in a suite entirely swathed in red silk and velvet, in a hotel by the water somewhere in Basel.  It trembled as I walked towards it because many of its leaves and fruits were set on miniature springs in a system called ‘en tremblant’ and it made my mouth water.  There were other shoutier pieces but this delicate one off with it’s yellow sapphires, tsavorite garnets and diamonds called my name.

Months later in a studio in London, we carved perspex around our model Lucy Evans to follow the shape of the fruit and I marvelled at how a fashion brand could get this good this quickly at high jewellery.  I guess that’s what happens when you have the resources to assemble a crack team of dedicated creatives!

Jewellery lemon necklace with yellow sapphires, emeralds, tsavorites and diamonds in white and yellow gold by Dolce & Gabbana.

Creative Team Stylist: Melanie Grant, Photographer: Jon Gorrigan, Makeup: Dani Guinsberg using Marc Jacobs beauty, Hair: Elvire Roux, Nails: Liga Tukman, Model: Lucy Evans at Milk, Assistant: Lara Ferri.

Photographed for 1843 magazine at The Economist in January 2020.


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